High Quality Belt Conveyor for Plastics

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Belt conveyor.
Belt conveyor is used for material transport.
Steady convey, low noise, high efficiency, speed adjustable.

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Belt conveyor driving part integrates the motor, speed reducer and rolling barrel, so the structure becomes compact, low noise and no pollution.

Belt adopts soft multi layers PVC: High intension and long life.

Belt conveyor is a part in plastic recycling, which can convey materials.
1. Belt conveyor→2. Crusher→3. Screw feeder→4. Friction washer→5. Screw feeder→6. Floating washer→7. Screw feeder→8. Dewatering machine→9. Hot air drying system→10. Storage hopper→11. Control cabinet

Belt Conveyor1
Belt Conveyor4
Belt Conveyor2

Competitive Advantage

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Technical Data

Power(kw) 1.5 1.5 3
Width(mm) 475 500 600
Length(mm) 3000 5000 6000
Belt type With tooth With tooth With tooth
Capacity(kg/h) 300 500 800

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