What is a good pipe winder/colier?

Plastic pipe winder is mainly used to coil and pack flexible plastic pipes, such as: HDPE,LDPE pipes, pp pipes, soft PVC pipes, soft corrugated pipes and so on.

Tension and winding speed automatic adjusting by torque motor; when pipe extruding speed slow, winding automatic slow down to keep same torque; when pipe fast, winding automatic accelerate to keep same torque.

Winder has automatic tightening device, the pneumatic cylinder don't bear force during winding, this can improve the lifetime of cylinder, and safety level is higher, automatic discharge pipe roll, no need pull the pipe roll by hand.

Single panel coiler
The single pipe winder is mainly used to collect soft plastic pipes. It can be applied in many pipe production lines.With good quality, it has long service life which saves cost and labors.
Main technical parameter
diameter of pipe φ63-φ160mm(adjustable)
speed: 0.5-4m/min
width : 1000mm(adjustable)
pressure : 0.6Mpa

Double Panel coiler
Main technical parameter
diameter of pipe φ16-φ63mm(adjustable)
speed: 0.5-15m/min
width : 580-1500mm(adjustable)
pressure : 0.3-0.6Mpa


To coil pipe into roller, easy for storage and transportation. Usually used for pipe below size 160mm. Have single station and double station for choice.


Use of servo motor

Can choose servo motor for pipe displacement and winding, more accurate and better pipe displacement.

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Post time: Jan-07-2023