Waste Plastic Bottle Label Remover Machine

Short Description:

Bottle label remover
Pet bottle label removing machine
Bottle label remover machine
Pet bottle label remover
1. High speed peeling
2. With/without water
3. Minimal wear and long use-life
4. Label peeled up to 97%

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Bottle label remover design is stable speed, don’t need to convert speed, easily operating, you just feed material into material. There are leaves on the axle, leaves has lots of functional screw for removing label, while running of screw, the label from bottle will be scratched down, and rinsing out of net by water, and washing the bottles. The removing rate is decided by the original status of bottles, compressed bottle is about 60-80%, for uncompressed bottle is about 80-90%, the wasting rate is about 5%.
1) This bottle label remover is used to pre-treatment of the bottle (include pet bottle, pe bottle )before washing or crushing. The label on the bottle can be removed up to 95% (include paper label), and the cover of the bottle will be removed up to 70%.
2) The label will be peel off by self-friction.
3) The bottles are feed from the top of the machine, and discharge from the bottom.
4) This bottle label remover machine is used for new way of washing line. Use this machine can have high purity PET/PP flakes.
5) The capacity for this machine is from 500-2000kg/h.

Bottle Label Remover Machine1
Bottle Label Remover Machine3

Competitive Advantage

Polestar company is professional in plastic recycling, which manufacture series recycling plastic machines, plastic recycling machine(PET bottle recycling machine; PE/PP film bags recycling machine, HDPE bottle /PP barrel recycling machine, and PET EPS ABS recycling machine etc). If you want more details about plastic recycling machine, please do not hesitate to let me know! Welcome to our factory!

Bottle Label Remover Machine6
Bottle Label Remover Machine5

Technical Data

Power(kw) 7.5 11 22 22
Fan power(kw) 3 5.5 7.5 ----
Width(mm) 2500 3000 3250 1100
Length(mm) 4500 5500 6500 3480
Height(mm) 3500 3950 3950 3180
Max. Capacity(kg/h) 500 1000 1500 2000
Type Without water Without water Without water With water

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